Dr.rer.nat. Avinanta Tarigan

Research/Project Experiences
Integrated Accounting System as Programmer - PT. Angkasa Pura II (1995)
Developed Accounting System for PT. Angkasa Pura II
Homenet System as Programmer - PT. Telkom Tbk (1996, May)
PKI Integration as Chief of Development - PT. Telkom Indonesia (2000-2001)
Developed Certification Authority System
Transaction Platform for Decentralized P2P as Researcher - Bielefeld University (2002-2007)
Mobile Prepaid Transactions Platform as Head of Development - PT. VOBE Indonesia (2007-2009)
Developing Mobile Prepaid Transactions Systems
IPTV / OTT Platform Development as Head of Development - PT. Distribusi Media (2009-2012)
Developed a IPTV system and OTT platform for delivering Linear Channels (Live), Video on Demand (VoD), Catchup TVs, and Ads Replacement using Adaptive Bit-Rate Technology.

Integrated Conference System based on Web Technology
Paper by Avinanta Tarigan and Tb. Maulana Kusuma, published in "Matematika & Komputer" Journal. (2000)
Internet Banking Auditing & Public Key Infrastructure
Course Module for Banking Technology Auditing (200)
My Doctoral Thesis (Decentralized Transactions)
This thesis is about series of protocol algorithms to complete decentralized transactions without trusted third party. It is similar to Blockchain but using slightly different approach. No large ledger is formed and no use of miners.
avithesis_pdf.pdf (7,750Kb)
Public Key Infrastructure and Open Source
Paper by Avinanta and I Made Wiryana, presented on National Seminar "Secure your Future", Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia (2000)
pkiopensource.pdf (268Kb)
Sound Recoqnition System Based on OpenSource
Paper by Avinanta, Ni Made, Mark Rompis, Irwan Arifin, presented on National Conference KOMMIT 2000, University of Gunadarma, Jakarta (2000)
The Implementation of IP Masquerading Service as Strategy Connectivity for Connecting Intranet to In
Honours Bachelor Thesis at University of Gunadarma (1997)
Utilizing System Exclusive Messages for Sound Parameter Editing in Roland GS MIDI Equipment
Bachelor Project at Gunadarma University (1995)
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