Dr.rer.nat. Avinanta Tarigan

Position:Head of Center for Information Security Research
Contact Address:D23 (BAPSI)
Gunadarma University
Jl. Margonda Raya 100
Depok 16424
Phone:+62 21 78881073
Fax:+62 21 78881071
Email:avinanta {at} staff.gunadarma.ac.id
avinanta {at} gmail.com

Current Activity :
Lecturer and Research in Computer Science
Consulting for IT Projects and IT System Audit

Availability in this Semester:

- Please eMail me for appointment

Research Interest :
Information Security, Socio-Technical Systems, Computational Science, Distributed and Decentralized Systems, PKI Implementation, Reputation Systems (Soft-Security), Computer Forensics, Operating Systems, Networking, and E-Government.

My dissertation (2007) can be found here @UNIBI. A set of logic and algorithms to complete transactions among decentralized P2P that promotes accountability as well as establishing trust. It applies distributed cryptography to achieve the goals.
It is similar to blockchain of BitCoins but using different approaches.

Education Background
2007Dr.rer.nat.Computer Science, University of Bielefeld
1997B.Eng Hons (S.T.)Informatics Engineering Department, Gunadarma University

Teaching Experiences
Advances in Information Technology, Post Graduate - Gunadarma University (2008 - Now)
Artificial Intelligence, Gunadarma University (2008 - Now)
Basic Programming and Algorithm, Mechanical Eng. Department (2008 - Now)
Computer Ethics & Professionalism, Gunadarma University (2008 - Now)
Computer Networks, Gunadarma University (2008 - Now)
Course in 4GL Programming, LePKom, Gunadarma University (1995 - 1997)
Course in Fundamentals of SQL Using DB2, LePKom, Gunadarma University (1995 - 1999)
Decision Support System, Post Graduate - Gunadarma University (2008 - Now)
Information Security (Visiting Lecture), Blekinge Tekniska Hogskola, Sweden (2013 - September)
Information System Design & Analysis, Post Graduate - Gunadarma University (2008 - Now)
Manufacturing Information Systems, Mechanical Eng. Department (2009 - Now)
Numerical Computation, Gunadarma University (1997 - 2001)
Parallel Processing, Gunadarma University (2010 - Now)
Simulation and Modelling, Gunadarma University (2008 - Now)
Software Design, Post Graduate - Gunadarma University (2008 - Now)
Software Engineering, Gunadarma University (2008 - Now)
Strenthening Security, Bielefeld University (2005)
Structural Programming, Gunadarma University (1997 - 2001)